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A family hotel on the cost of Llafranc

It was in 1974 when Margarita and Jose Maria Casellas toIn 2000 Mary and Quim,  their childrens, Maria y Quim Casellas begin to help in the management of the hotel and the restaurant offering a new dimension.

In 2007 the restaurant joined in the group " The Kitchen Empordanet " very involved using locals products.

Recently came also into the group "Slow Food" also very involved in the use of local products .
Now, we are very grateful because after years of work, in November 2011, Michelin awarded us with a star that we maintain.

"It has been ten years since we managed  the restaurant and now we can take to review to the way from the beginning until today .

We believe in quality and there are no shortcuts to thank our client .

We would like to approach more to our producers and to well known the products that fills our menu.

We have a lot of work yet, recycle better, reflect the closer product to our letter ,the relationship with the producer , promote our wines and wineries .

We combine the challenge and maintain our personality , our local culture and collaboration with small local producers with their own self-discipline that this distinction print us.