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Hotel cerrado hasta el 2019-11-21


Our restaurant gets a new look when Quim takes over as chef and Maria the direction of the Board in 2000. Always respecting the product and the elaboration of this. Is in November 2011 when Michelin give us a 'star Michellin'

Quim Casellas, belongs to the generation of young cooks who feel an inalienable passion for cooking and have an enthusiasm that gives a magical touch to their work.


Since very young, he worked at the family hotel, Hotel Casamar, during the summer, but he soon decided to leave the studio to dedicate himself to what he liked most, to cook


He started working with Joan Piqué, who became his teacher in his reference and discovered the kitchen. Since then, while working in the hotel-family restaurant, he continued to work in kitchens such as that of Carles Gaig, Joan Roca, Fermí Puig and of them all he learned and acquired a broader vision that allowed him to dare Get started with new experiences.


Always joined in the Empordà, in its territory and its products, he quickly joined the group of La Cuina de l'Empordanet and later the slow food movement.


All of these works gave off in November 2011 when the Michelin Guide awarded him a star, which marked a turning point in Quim's career.

Since then, there are many projects in which he has collaborated and it is that Quim never gives a no response, as long as his agenda allows him.


He has traveled as an ambassador for his cuisine in China, London, USA, Paris, Portugal and Germany.


He has worked in the various gastronomic forums that have been carried out both at the organizational and healthcare level.


As of 2014 and as a result of the solidarity event I invite you to dine in Madrid, Quim wakes up his social commitment and decides to create the "Entaulats" project that is celebrated every year in Palafrugell in March.

The mentioned project aims to bring the world of cooking and healthy habits to different groups, such as volunteers from different local associations, disabled people, colleges, institutes, carrying out an educational day with different workshops and leisure activities .


Currently, he collaborates with Tourism in various Calalunya promotion activities such as DO Libraries, advertising campaigns, training campaigns, Forums, ...


Its motto is:

"My passion for cooking, my obsession with Quality"